Major Overhaul is currently undergoing a major overhaul of both our website and our product lineup. During this update period a limited subset of our premium beard care products will be available in our Etsy shop: Hobo Fresh Etsy Shop.
Thank you for your patience and keep growing it!

About Us

All beards are not created equal but all beards are unique and have the potential for magnificent glory. All beard care products are not created equal. Take a look at the ingredients of our competitors beard oils, balms and butters and you’ll see several cheap and common ingredients being masked with “scents” and presented with fancy labels or gimmicks. Our focus is on providing you with the highest quality beard care products available anywhere, not with fancy labels or membership cards. Applying any oil to your beard can help protect it but using inferior beard oil is like rubbing your greasy fingers through your beard after eating KFC.When you have the proper tools and knowledge, you can grow a beard that is fresher and more majestic than your wildest fantasies.Remember, your beard does not belong entirely to you, your beard is the motivator and the source of manly power to everyone who gazes upon it. YOU and your beard are helping others and Hobo Fresh is here to help your beard.When you choose Hobo Fresh for all your beard care needs you are also helping others in another way. A portion of proceeds from our sales is donated to charity.

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